Micro Focus Universe 2019 – Open Horizons Discount Registration

    To get the additional oh discount for the Micro Focus Universe 2019 you have to be added to the registration system by Micro Focus / the Event Management Team.


    1. Fill in the form below
    2. The data collected will be sent to Micro Focus and the Event Management Team
    3. The Event Management Team will add your data to the registration system
    4. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours

    After you received the confirmation you may register yourself through the registration system.
    Your 10% discount will automatically be applied during the registration process.
    Please make sure that you use the same email adress as during the registration on our site.

    I have read the Privacy Policy and agree the processing of my data by KLM Consulting (Open Horizons).
    I agree that KLM Consulting (Open Horizons) shares my personal data with Micro Focus (22-30 Old Bath Road,RG14 1QN Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom) and the Event Management Team (ellis EVENTS GmbH, Frischlinstr 25, 72336 Balingen, Germany) for processing my request. The data collected will f.ex. be needed for creating your personal unique registration link.


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